A2D Fitness Systems

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Making high-tech products for the health & fitness industries since 1992

A2D Fitness Systems, Inc. has many years of combined knowledge and experience in various engineering disciplines, including mechanical, electro-mechanical, electrical, embedded systems and software engineering. This combined knowledge has allowed us to innovate technology based health and fitness equipment that's extremely well integrated while providing the end user with an intuitive interface.

Our mission is to create technologies that help people to recover from injuries, reduce physical limitations and increase physical vitality by strengthening the muscular skeletal system.

Malcolm J. Smith President & CEO

Malcolm Smith founded A2D Fitness Systems, Inc. in May 1992, and since that time has produced several patented products that are used in the health and fitness industry. Previously, Mr. Smith headed the I.T. department at Global Dosimetry Solutions (GDS) based in Irvine, California. GDS is one of the largest dosimetry service providers in the world.  Prior to GDS, Mr. Smith served as CTO for an embedded systems consulting company based in Los Angeles, California. Mr. Smith holds an engineering degree from Brighton Polytechnic, England.