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AccuGuide works with most any exercise equipment | A powerful system that provides unique exercise guidance for pacing | Measurements include the user’s Velocity & Range-Of-Motion| Generate comprehensive reports for evidence based rehabilitation


AccuGuide with SciFit


The AccuGuide Device

AccuGuide is just 4” x 2” x 2.5” (HWD) and weighs just 1.1 Pounds


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AccuGuide works with your favorite strength equipment, with eight powerful magnets, AccuGuide stays where you put it, but is easily removed and re-positioned as needed. Now attach the retractable cord to any moving part of the equipment or person, a weight stack or hand grip for example. Lastly connect AccuGuide to your computer or laptop using the provided USB cable and start the AccuGuide software to begin.

With the computer or laptop positioned so both the user and therapist can see it, the therapist or trainer selects the exact time duration’s for all phases of the exercise from the setup screen, concentric, eccentric, amortization and rest duration’s. Clicking the start button displays the exercise profile guide that paces the user. The user now begins the exercise while watching the intuitive graphics display, he/she works to keep in sync with the moving exercise profile (pathway) for the set number of repetitions.

All information about the user’s performance is recorded, including each repetition’s concentric, eccentric, amortization and rest phase skill levels, minimum and maximum range-of-motion, overall accuracy and much more.

AccuGuide can be used in Physical Therapy, Rehabilitation, Physical Fitness, Colleges and for Athlete Training.